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Scientific Psychiatrists' Association  is  a non-governmental research organization. It was founded 
in 1994 in Kyiv and registered  as a non-profit public organization  in accordance with the Law of 
Ukraina "About Unions of Citizens" (the Certificate of State Registration N 48).
The main statute goal of SPA is to support research in the field of psychiatry and related disciplines.
Members of SPA are persons who obtained the highest education in psychiatry and related disciplines,
those who provide research in the field of mental health. The admission  of the new members is based 
on the results of  the votingof the members of SPA Council.
SPA Council governs the activity of the Association. Any decision is made by Council only if it is
accepted unanimously.
There are no membership fees in SPA. SPA does not represent interests of any social groups. 
SPA activity included the support of some scientific publications, assistance in performing of some 
candidate and doctoral dissertations, organization of participation  in  scientific conferences and 
congresses, obtaining of fellowships. Few research projects were presented by SPA along with
other organizations.
Members of SPA Council currently: Grigorii Dzub (Kyiv), Sergey Malyarov (Kyiv), 
Valentina Procic (Kyiv), Inna Kruk (Boston).
Address: 103 Frunze Str., Kyiv 254072 Ukraina
Mailing address: PO box 16, Kyiv 01103  Ukraina
Tel  +380(044)4680271